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  • enu@lemm.eeMtoTechnology@lemmy.world[META]: ban @szmer.info?
    11 months ago

    I’m not actually sure how that works. If LW defederates does it block all users from that instance from posting? I would guess “yes” in that I believe the instance the community is hosted on plays a role in tracking posts to that community. If you’re curious, I would definitely ask one of the dev communities.

    Will leave up for a little since I’m sure a lot of other people saw the barrage of spam from last night. Should be all cleaned up now.

    Also, I do believe that is a legit instance, so it’s not likely it’ll be defederated, they’re likely a victim of the spammers as much as we are here… they just need to delete those accounts and block those IPs.

  • The one I always find funny is tech CEOs or ads out there that use the term “quantum leap” to describe an improvement. In reality, a quantum leap is just when an electron changes orbitals – one of the smallest movements a piece of matter can make. In my mind, a device being described as a “quantum leap” ahead of it’s predecessor sounds like it’s barely changed at all. Even better is the state is often temporary as electrons jump up an orbital when absorbing energy and then will jump back down when they release it. All in all, a terrible marketing term.

  • Currently chatting with the other mods about this and while we don’t want the community to be overrun by Elon, the articles are some of the most upvoted in the past few days. It seems, that people do want to hear about what’s going on but not at a rate that drowns out other content. We’ve been careful to prune out duplicates to keep the flow down, but the volume of Elon posts and Twitter / X is definitely… a lot. I do see how some find it annoying so we’re keeping an eye on the situation, but I do agree it does meet the criteria of being both news and tech related. I assume that he’ll eventually run out of Twitter pieces to break, right :P

    Please do keep an open line of communication with us and all replies, feedback and opinions are always welcome! Cheers!